Why Choose Maya?


Why is Colegio Maya an Excellent Choice for Your Children’s Education?

We are aware that you have many choices of fine schools from which to choose in Guatemala. However, there are a number of reasons that we believe you will find advantages at Colegio Maya that you will find in no other school in this country.

AMERICAN CURRICULUM:  If you are on the international circuit, we offer an American curriculum with which you will find continuity in similar schools around the world in the event that you move. For local and foreign students, we offer an excellent course of study at all grade levels

EXCELLENT  ENGLISH LANGUAGE IMMERSION EDUCATION: For those who are local or not native English speakers; we offer a superb English language immersion program. Students who begin in our lower grades become fluent in a very short period of time. By attending our high school, students will attain the level of academic English necessary to go on to university in any English speaking country. If you look into other parts of this website, you will find that our students attend top universities in the USA and other countries, often with a good deal of financial support to attend.

HIGH QUALITY SPANISH PROGRAM: We offer a fine Spanish program for native and non-native speakers alike. This program starts at the earliest grades and culminates with great results in our Advanced Placement program.

EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Colegio Maya offers a wide range of non-academic programs for enrichment at all grade levels. We offer a great program in fine arts, music, and drama, several sports that include interscholasitc competition in other countries, student government and Model United Nations, as well as after school and Saturday activities.

COMMUNITY SERVICE:  Lastly, there is a level of excellence in value and character education at Colegio Maya that is hard to find anywhere else. Our students delight in performing community service to help children and other people who are less advantaged. It is this spirit of giving and serving the community that helps to form the “Maya” way.

We invite you to take tour and interview Colegio Maya so you can see for yourself the excellence at many levels that we offer. We hope to see you soon.