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Elementary Kids Night is back!

Elementary students who do not have other ASAs are expected to attend every day (Monday-Thursday- NO FRIDAYS) and attend some Saturday rehearsals.

We understand that elementary students have other ASAs that they committed to, especially paying ASAs such as soccer and basketball. Due to these commitments, students who have other ASAs can continue to go to them, with the understanding that they still need to attend 3 out of the 4 weekly drama rehearsals (4 rehearsals are ideal). 

While daily rehearsals will start next week, students will still leave at 3:30 and will still be able to ride the ASA bus at that time if they take it. 

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I Love to Read Month - Mystery Readers Wanted!


I Love to Read Month - Mystery Readers Wanted!

With the start of the second semester, we have added Kindergarten students to the ASA activities. Some new activities include the Beauty and the Beast Drama, which is part of the whole school production on April 13/14. This ASA will include additional rehearsals as the presentation date approaches. If you have any questions, please get in touch with Ms. Andrea Haeussler.

Here is the link to the form, which includes ASA selections, transportation information, parent release, and payment information for the paid activities (soccer/basketball). 

Space for ASA activities is limited, so be sure to complete your registration prior to the January 13 deadline. ASAs begin on January 16.

Please get in touch with our Elementary ASA Coordinator, Ms. Gaby Moguel, if you have any questions.

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