School Wide Announcements

Scrub Caps

Show appreciation for doctors working at the front lines of public hospitals by helping NJHS make scrub caps! Scrub caps are essential medical equipment that doctors need! Help by donating fabric, money to buy fabric, or even sewing machines to help us make them. Contact Ms.Tita at for more information.

Thank you!

NJHS thanks you for your support with last year’s MAYAPACA! We've made over 10,000 Quetzales to support our maintenance staff by funding their children's education. Our next sale will happen at the end of October, and we would love for you to support us by donating clothing that you will not be using in a bag labeled MAYAPACA to the garita. Thank you so much for your continued support. If you have any questions contact Elisa Contreras at or Tita Haeussler at

Warrior Store

After much anticipation and organization, the Warrior Store is finally back!! Let’s embrace the Maya Spirit by wearing the pieces with great pride. Pre-order the items with this form. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to email or