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At Maya we believe that incorporating innovation into the learning process is essential for our students’ growth and development. Students at Maya are provided with multiple opportunities to make their own creations, research problems and find solutions for them. This year, the creation a new makerspace had marked a peak on the type of experiences that involve innovation as it provides them with the tools and resources to develop new skills and explore different concepts.

A makerspace is a place where students can experiment and innovate in a safe environment. Through this process, students are able to learn and explore about different concepts and techniques. We are equipped with all sorts of tools such as drills, routers, sanders, files, screwdrivers, 3D printers, 3D scanner, robots, and more. We also have iMacs with a wide range of software that students can use to plan and create their designs and prototypes. We place an emphasis on incorporating STEAM and Service projects into the learning process and providing support to students to turn their ideas into reality.


Our Future Innovation Hub