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Student Council

At Colegio Maya we have a Student Council for elementary, middle school, and high school. The purpose of the student council (STUCO) at Colegio Maya is to initiate, organize, and operate activities throughout the school year inclusive of the student body.

Elementary STUCO is made up of 10 upper elementary (3rd - 5th grade) student leaders. These students meet weekly to plan school activities and events, brainstorm ways to provide service in their community, and develop their leadership skills. One of their main events is the monthly Star Student Assembly. At the end of each month, the elementary STUCO members plan and perform in the assembly to recognize star students and honor learning highlights within the school. In the spring time, elementary STUCO also plans the Elementary Talent Show to showcase students' talents across the elementary school. Through this program, students learn public speaking skills, how to advocate for their peers, and how to be a better leader for the future. 

In middle school and high school, each student council is composed of an executive council, selected by the student body of each division, which includes the following members: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The class presidents, individually elected by each class, are also members of the executive council. The student council abides by its constitution and by-laws, which include responsibilities, rules, voting procedures, and eligibility requirements.


Vision Statement:

As proactive leaders, we cultivate our Colegio Maya Spirit by collaborating with and empowering others to serve purposes beyond our own self-interests in order to improve our community. We believe that leadership is a mutually affirming process in which we act with respect, responsibility, integrity, empathy, passion, and commitment.