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Sports & Activities

The Colegio Maya After School Athletics, Activities and Clubs (ASA) program enhances the quality of our student life. Students can choose from a range of sports, activities, and clubs. The philosophy is based on inclusion so that any student wishing to play a sport has the opportunity to do so. We encourage all students to participate, and if there is a group sharing a common interest or passion, to form a club. The activities are organized by semester but students can participate in a number of activities within a semester if the schedule allows. Clubs mostly meet during lunch but may also meet after school. Most sports run twice a week and when AASCA season is on, sometimes three times a week. 

Elementary After School Activities

At the elementary level, from Kinder through 5th Grade, students can choose to participate in a variety of activities, which vary each semester. Some of the activities available are: Track and field, dance, basketball, mini-chefs, gardening, soccer, volleyball, gymnastics, robotics, art and crafts, reading fun, karate, piano, French.

The activities run from 3:00 PM to 3:55 PM, for seventeen weeks each semester. A fee is charged for most activities, (including Robotics) to help cover the costs of the program; however, for some activities, there is no charge.

Secondary After School Activities

Students can choose to participate in a variety of athletics and activities. Athletics, activities, and clubs run during lunch and/or after school between 3:00-5:00 PM, multiple days per week.

Middle School:

  • MS Basketball Boys
  • MS Basketball Girls
  • MS Soccer Boys
  • MS Soccer Girls
  • MS Volleyball Boys
  • MS Volleyball Girls
  • MS/HS Cross Country & Track and Field
  • MS/HS Ultimate Frisbee

High School:

  • HS Basketball Boys
  • HS Basketball Girls
  • HS Soccer Boys
  • HS Soccer Girls
  • HS Volleyball Boys
  • HS Volleyball Girls
  • MS/HS Cross Country & Track and Field
  • MS/HS Ultimate Frisbee

Middle School and High School Activities

A number of teacher sponsored clubs run during lunch or after school. Students are also encouraged to start clubs and solicit the support teacher sponsor.  Sample clubs include:

  • Chess Club
  • Drama Club
  • Choir
  • Dance Club
  • Cooking Club
  • Yoga Club
  • Board Games Club
  • Global Issues Network
  • Arts and Crafts Club
  • Robotics Club