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The Future

Constant improvement is our goal at Colegio Maya. We believe that an organization not asking difficult questions is not seeking the best in meeting their mission. We continuously challenge the status quo and as you can see by our ambitious building project we aim to reinvent learning opportunities to meet the needs of today's learner.

As we embark on building a new innovation hub on campus we could not be more excited to be creating the collaborative, flexible, technology infused spaces required for today's learner. With maker spaces, design labs, digital darkrooms, graphic design, 21st century libraries, food technology, a presentation and collaboration center, robotics, 3D printing and much more this building aims to revolutionize how students guide their own learning. We will post more information as this project progresses.

Running parallel to this project will be a relocation and redesign of our Middle School learning spaces. With a collaborative, concept based, inquiry approach to Middle School learning they require a new home to ensure their learning is supported. Their new home will be where the current libraries and technology live, and once the innovation hub is completed this space will be renovated and redesigned.

The Future