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See the Campus

​Colegio Maya is located on Carretera El Salvador in the hillside suburbs of Guatemala City on a sprawling and beautiful campus filled with trees, flowers, and foliage. It is spread out very nicely in such a way that it feels very spacious and welcoming. We are fortunate to have ample space for a student body of 350 and enjoy very comprehensive facilities for a school of this size. including a theater, nature playscape, multiple gyms, fields, and libraries to mention a few.

There are several buildings on campus including an Early Childhood Center (ECC) and separate buildings for elementary and secondary classes. There are three well-equipped technology centers, as well as two libraries. The libraries, in particular, have very impressive collections of books and periodicals, as technology needs fit for the 21st century.

There are two gyms, for elementary and secondary, and a very expansive outdoor playing field. We are fortunate to have an arts complex with an excellent fine arts facility, a large and well-stocked music room, and first-rate theater. The theater is of such high quality that it is frequently used by outside groups looking for the best performance space possible. We also have a nature playscape located in the elementary.

We are in the process of building a new innovation hub on campus. We could not be more excited to be creating the collaborative, flexible, technology-infused spaces required for today’s learner. With maker spaces, design labs, digital darkrooms, graphic design, 21st century libraries, food technology, a presentation and collaboration center, robotics, 3D printing and much more! This building aims to revolutionize how students guide their own learning. 

Running parallel to this project will be a relocation and redesign of our Middle School learning spaces and the construction of a new Early Childhood Center.

Come for a tour and take a look for yourself!