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Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Department at Colegio Maya is dedicated to the school’s vision of developing every students’ mind, body and character through a solid foundation in music, drama and visual art. At Colegio Maya we recognize the undeniable value these forms of expression have in the lives of children of all ages and support each student’s unique needs as they are guided through their personal learning journey in the arts.  


The music program at Colegio Maya is a fun, and engaging program for students. They are given an opportunity to explore their creativity and develop instrumental and self-management skills. The program begins at the pre-kindergarten level and extends through 12th grade. Middle school and High school students are offered choices including orchestra, jazz band, choir, and AP music theory.


The theater program at Colegio Maya is designed for students to explore the craft of theater in all its areas and components, as well as learning how to collaborate and work together as a group. The business of theater is done by doing. Through games, research, discussions, acting exercises, productions, reflection and improvisation, students will explore and experience what it is like to put together a theatrical performance. The drama class will help students develop and reinforce 21st century skills, like creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, leadership, and collaboration. Students will also learn and use theater vocabulary, dramatic elements, artistic perception, creative expression, aesthetic judgment and will be able to explore the importance of production and performance value. Students have opportunities to work both onstage and backstage, performing and producing for shows.

The drama department puts together musicals and plays after school that can be enjoyed by everyone in and outside the community. This year we are producing Shrek The Musical!