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Student Life

Through educational programs and values, each student is encouraged to find his/her own voice and to develop leadership capabilities. Beliefs are based in actions: fostering, celebrating, creating, encouraging, preparing, stimulating, and affirming. 

We believe in educating the “Whole Child” to be a life-long learner by:

  • FOSTERING a safe, caring, and joyful environment;
  • CELEBRATING the diversity of our Colegio Maya family;
  • CREATING responsible world citizens;
  • ENCOURAGING a social and environmentally-aware consciousness;
  • PREPARING for a changing technological world;
  • STIMULATING curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking; and
  • AFFIRMING the students' rights and responsibilities to explore their potential.

Colegio Maya's philosophy is based on inclusion so that any student wishing to play a sport or join an activity has the opportunity to do so!

Five students hugging each other and smiling at the camera