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The Board

The Board of Colegio Maya is composed of nine (9) people elected for two-year terms by and from the members of the Asociación de Colegio Maya, which includes all parents or guardians of students enrolled at the school.

The Board is empowered to act as one body to govern the school in the best interest of all members. Individual Board members do not have authority to act on their own and when not in Board meetings are ordinary parents.

The Board’s role is to govern, not administer, the school. Its main role is to set policies that govern the school, provide longer term planning and direction, and oversee the budget to ensure financial accountability. The Board appoints and supervises the Director, to whom it delegates the authority to operate the school, and to appoint and supervise teachers and other staff.

The Board elects its own officers each year, which include President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. The Board has two Standing Committees: Finance and Governance & Policy. Other committees and task forces may be created as needed.

If you wish to contact the board please email The standard communication protocol is to contact the staff member directly about any issue, if further action is required please contact a divisional principal. If still further action is required please contact the director followed by a board member as required. Agenda items for board meetings must be submitted to this address 3 days prior to the board meeting.