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Sports & Activities

The Colegio Maya After-School Athletics, Activities and Clubs (ASA) program enhances the quality of our student life. We encourage all students to participate, and, if there is a group sharing a common interest or passion, to form a club. Clubs mostly meet during lunch but may also meet after school.  Students can choose from a range of sports, activities and clubs ranging from Robotics to Ultimate Frisbee. The activities are organized by semester but students can participate in a number of activities within a semester, if the schedule allows. Most sports run twice a week and when AASCA season is on, sometimes three times a week. 

Elementary After School Activities

At the elementary level, from grades K through 5, students can choose to participate in a variety of activities.  The activities run from 3:00 PM to 3:55 PM, for seventeen weeks each semester. A fee is charged for most activities, (including Robotics) to help cover the costs of the program. For some activities, there is no charge. All activities are approximately one hour long.

Some of activities available are: Track and field, dance, basketball, mini-chefs, gardening, soccer, volleyball, gymnastics, robotics, art and crafts, reading fun, karate, piano, French.


Secondary After School Activities

Students can choose to participate in a variety of athletics and activities after school between 3:00-5:00 pm or join student-run, teacher-sponsored clubs during lunchtimes.

Some of activities and clubs are: soccer, basketball, volleyball, cooking, drama, robotics chess, cross-country and track&field, jazz band, global issues, basketball shooting, ultimate Frisbee, journalism.