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MS Mentor Program

The Mentor Program in the Middle School is designed to build a strong sense of community and belonging, foster wellness and balance, build school spirit and offer support and guidance with students’ academic, social and emotional needs. Students meet in small mentor groups (10-12 students per group), every day.  

Mentors are the one adult with a global perspective of students’ academic and social/emotional development. As well as acting as role models for students, they also work on teambuilding, service projects and leading workshops in areas such as digital literacy and citizenship, health and well-being and conflict resolution.

The program focuses on three key areas:

  • Building Foundations
  • Strengthening relationships
  • Meeting challenges

Students are also given time to archive and reflect on their growth and learning, celebrate success and acknowledge the work and support of others, through digital portfolios, assemblies, demonstrations of learning and other presentations.

The mentor program draws on the philosophy and training of the Tribes program.