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MIddle School Day

In Middle school the schedule is organized around A days and B days with 6 classes on each day. Classes begin at 07:50 and end at 2:50 pm on regular days and 12 pm on shortened day. 

Students receive instruction in Literacy and Numeracy every day in order to ensure a strong development in these core skills.  In addition, they classes in Social Studies, Science, Physical Education and during the course of the year are exposed to four exploratories: music, art, drama and design technology. They are also given an elective each semester in one of the following courses:  global issues network; video game design, theater production, photography, band (year-long) and advertising and marketing using technology. Additional support classes include number sense for numeracy support and learning support also take place during this elective block.

Once a week, on Mondays, students meet for 40 minutes in their mentor groups to work on study skills, teambuilding, social emotional wellbeing and community projects. These are tailored to the needs of each grade level.  On Thursdays, students meet week for 40 minutes to plan and work on service learning projects. 

Shortened days occur approximately twice a month,  on Wednesdays, when school finishes early at 12pm. On these days students will follow a modified schedule as below: