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Middle School 6-8

Welcome to the Colegio Maya Middle School!

Our Middle School Learning Program is designed to meet the unique needs of developing Middle School students, who are undergoing enormous physical, academic and emotional growth. Classes are aimed at providing students with authentic learning experiences that develop key concepts, competencies and character traits.  As they move through Middle School students are encouraged to develop increasing independence in their learning, an ability to think critically and creatively, and a sense of meta cognition to reflect on the process of learning.

Students receive instruction in Literacy and Numeracy every day.  In addition, they receive classes in Social Studies, Science, Spanish Physical Education and during the course of the year are exposed to four exploratories: music, art, drama and design technology. They are also given an elective each semester in one of the following courses:  Global Issues Network; Video Game Design, Theater Production, Photography, Band (year-long) and Advertising and Marketing using Technology.  Additional support classes including Number Sense for those needing additional math support, and the MS Learning Support Center also take place during this elective block. English as a Second Language (ESL) is also offered for those students needing help with their academic English. Support is offered through both pull-out and push-in classes.

Our Mentor Program is designed to foster a spirit of compassion, develop skills needed for success in middle school, and create a sense of community and belonging.  Sessions focus on age-appropriate topics related to character, team-building, and academic support.

Curricular courses are also supported by a wide range of sports and teacher sponsored clubs which offer students the chance to pursue their passions and interests.