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HS School Day

In High school the schedule is organized around A days and B days with 4 classes on each day. Classes begin at 07:50 and end at 2:50pm on regular days and 12pm on shortened day. Two blocks are dedicated to elective classes where students can either choose to pursue an additional AP subject, or an elective course, most of which run for a semester. Elective courses include a suite of options from the arts, design, technology, physical activity or courses like Model United Nations, Global Citizenship and an introduction to theory of knowledge.

Once a week students meet in mentor small groups of 10-12 to work on  with either their where students meet for 40 minutes with their mentor to work on study skills, teambuilding, wellness and community projects.  Students also meet once a week for 40 mins to plan and work on service learning projects.

Shortened days occur approximately twice a month,  on Wednesdays, when school finishes early at 12pm.