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AP Capstone™ is built on the foundation of two high school courses taken in sequence over a two year period — AP Seminar and AP Research — and is designed to complement and enhance the in-depth, discipline-specific study and rigor of AP courses. The two courses offer students the chance to build critical-thinking, collaboration, communication and independent research skills that are so valued by colleges and employers.   

Students begin by taking AP Seminar where they undertake both a team project and presentation and then complete an individual research-based essay and presentation. The exam is based on all three components.   AP Seminar Course and Exam Description

In AP Research Students undertake year-long research into a topic of their choosing, submit an academic paper and presentation and then participate in an oral defense of their research and findings. Through this investigation, students demonstrate the ability to apply scholarly understanding to real-world problems and issues. Assessments consists of students presenting a 5,000 word academic paper, a presentation and an orals defense of their research.   AP Research Course and Exam Description

The two AP Capstone courses complement the rigor of AP courses and exams by challenging students to:

  • Think critically and creatively to construct meaning or gain understanding
  • Plan and conduct a study or investigation
  • Propose solutions to real-world problems
  • Plan and produce communication in various forms
  • Collaborate to solve a problem
  • Integrate, synthesize, and make cross-curricular connections
  • Master the argument-based writing skills

The AP Capstone Diploma or AP Capstone Certificate    

Students successfully completing the AP Seminar, AP Research, and four or more AP classes and exams (with scores of 3 or higher) will receive the AP Capstone Diploma. Those students who earn scores of 3 or higher in both of the AP Capstone courses but not on the four additional AP Exams will receive the AP Capstone Certificate.

Colegio Maya Capstone

Students who do not take AP Research and Seminar will follow the Colegio Maya Capstone which follows a similar structure to the AP seminar course with a group investigation and project and presentation followed by an individual area of research based on their interests, a local or global real world issue or concepts from other AP courses.  

Sample Topics or Themes:

  • Education
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Technology
  • Revolution