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Early Childhood & Pre-K is a multi year program at Colegio Maya. This 2-year opportunity  is the most common entry point for local families and a nurturing beginning for any students at that level. Many students who enter at Pre K or Kindergarten as English learners, are ready to begin 1st grade with little or no English language support.

In Colegio Maya Elementary, each grade level learns to define Concepts and demonstrate Competencies in Literacy and Numeracy. To learn about and understand the world in which we live,  teachers are using Inquiry Units to dive deep into the curriculum. Students might learn about an ancient civilization in social studies to create questions about equality across the culture and then compare that with equity issues throughout the United States.

With cross curricular units, students might then play games from that culture in physical education, comparing them with current games we play now. Then, the students could use coding in Technology to represent those games electronically.

As a cohesive team, teachers work together to have high expectations in the Character of the students. By emphasizing a different character trait each month, teachers, staff and administrators have a great forum in which to discuss and model positive values to mold  students into productive global citizens.


Visit the Elementary Site to find more details and activities.