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Colegio Maya is the school where the whole community works together to foster individual talents. Our core values are:

We Hear Every Voice.
We Excel At Being Ourselves.
We Work Hard.
What We Say Matters. What We Do Matters More.

Colegio Maya’s mission is to provide a program that maintains and benefits from the international diversity of our community. We are a college preparatory school with a U.S. Curriculum that enrolls students without regard to race, creed, gender, national origin, or religious belief. It is our desire that all students succeed in this environment and we make every possible effort to accommodate a variety of abilities and interests.

If at any time you require assistance or need guidance regarding any of the information or steps detailed below, do not hesitate to communicate with us directly. You can reach the Admissions Coordinator, Stefanie Mejia, by calling the school’s telephone (502) 6644-1200 or by e-mailing her at We look forward to receiving your application!



Admissions Process