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Colegio Maya’s mission is to provide a program that maintains and benefits from the international diversity of our community. We are a college preparatory school with a U.S. Curriculum that enrolls students without regard to race, creed, gender, national origin, or religious belief. It is our desire that all students succeed in this environment and we make every possible effort to accommodate for a variety of abilities and interests.


All students applying to Colegio Maya must satisfy academic and conduct requirements. Records will be evaluated during the admissions process, including academic performance, conduct, special learning needs, and level of mastery of the English language-- the primary language of instruction at Colegio Maya.

Admissions Process

At Colegio Maya, we understand that the process of changing schools and/or moving to another country can be challenging and time-consuming. That is why we make every effort to streamline the procedures and assist you with this process. Please, if at any time you require assistance or need guidance regarding any of the information or steps listed below, do not hesitate to communicate with us directly. You can reach the Director’s office by calling the school’s telephone (502) 6644-1200 or by e-mailing the Admissions Coordinator, Stefanie Mejia, at

The general Admissions Process steps are:

  • The Admissions Coordinator will provide interested families Colegio Maya's Application Package.
  • Application Package is submitted by family.
    • All required documentation must be submitted in order to begin with the admissions process.
  • Once the Application Package is received, the Admissions Coordinator will schedule a time for the Admissions Test. 
  • Once the applicant(s) have taken the Admissions Test, the Admissions Coordinator will schedule an interview with the respective Principal(s). 
  • After the Admissions Test and interview, the Admissions Committee will review the information in order to make a final decision.
  • The Admissions Coordinator will communicate the decision.

For Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Applicants:

ECC has an Admissions Day that helps determine early admission determinations. If families are not able to come to the Admissions Day, the previously mentioned steps will need to be done.

Request a Tour

Colegio Maya’s campus is beautiful and visiting our campus will help you see our school in action. If you would like to request a tour in order to see our campus, please contact our Admissions Coordinator. 

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