Dear Colegio Maya Community,

After a careful review of available information and conferring with other school heads in the city, I have determined that it is in the best interest of students and families to cancel school on Thursday the 27th.

Available information indicates that there is a strong likelihood that traffic will be disrupted due to demonstrations both for and against the current administration. While we do not expect demonstrations or disruptions near the campus, I am adding extra security to the Garita as a precautionary measure.

Understand that this is an unexpected school closure and not a holiday. I appreciate your efforts not to treat it as such. While students will not be coming to school, it is still a day of work and learning. Teachers will be providing students with assignments to ensure that this remains a day of engaged learning. Students are responsible for those assignments and will be held accountable for completing them with their best effort. It is important that we don’t look at this as an excuse for a long weekend.

I expect to have a normal school day on Friday the 28th and expect all students to be present. Should this change, I will be in contact via email, sms, as well as the school webpage.

I appreciate your understanding and support as we take steps to ensure the safety of all children,while at the same time guaranteeing a continuous learning environment.

Should you have any questions or have more information that could help us better stay in touch with this situation, please contact me with that information

Steven Hupp