Graduate Profile

Profile of a Colegio Maya GraduateGraduateProfile-700x1087

The Colegio Maya education program is designed to nurture a graduate who:

  • Is competent in the application of the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking in English.
  • Demonstrates competency in quantitative, scientific and technological literacy.
  • Demonstrates competency in reading, writing, speaking and comprehending Spanish at an appropriate level.
  • Is able to find and access information efficiently and effectively.
  • Evaluates information competently, and uses information accurately, creatively and responsibly.
  • Exhibits awareness and practices sensitivity to environmental preservation.
  • Demonstrates the ability to think critically and to solve problems.
  • Demonstrates an understanding of history and its relationship to the world today.
  • Understands and values the participation and leadership needed to foster a more peaceful world.
  • Understands wellness and its implication for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Expresses herself/himself creatively and responds with sensitivity to the creative works of others.
  • Understands the values and the personal rewards of community service.
  • Can live successfully in a multicultural, global society by exercising tolerance, understanding and open mindedness.
  • Sustains and enhances self-esteem through integrity, responsibility and self-knowledge.
  • Demonstrates an active desire to learn, to reflect and to understand the world.
  • Actively works to find his or her voice to become a leader for a more peaceful world.