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The Campus

Colegio Maya is located on Carretera El Salvador, which is in the outskirts of Guatemala City but well within the metropolitan area. Colegio Maya is on a sprawling and beautiful campus filled with trees, flowers, and foliage!

There are several buildings on campus including an Early Childhood Center (ECC) and separate buildings for elementary and secondary classes. We also have an Innovation Hub on campus with collaborative, flexible, technology-infused spaces! Our Innovation Hub hosts design labs; a presentation and collaboration center; our elementary and secondary libraries, which have well-developed collections, including a large fiction and non-fiction collection that supports the school curriculum as well as students' interests; a LEGO lab; and a makerspace classroom, which is equipped with all sorts of tools such as drills, routers, sanders, files, screwdrivers, 3D printers, 3D scanner, and robots.

We also have a state-of-the-art Performing Fine Arts Center, which was opened in 2006, that provides the school with a 336-seat theater complete with dressing rooms and ample storage space for props and costumes. The theater is of such high quality that it is frequently used by outside groups looking for the best performance space possible. It also includes learning spaces specifically designed to teach drama and music. We also have two gyms, one for elementary and one for secondary, a soccer and track and field complex, and a nature playscape in the elementary area.