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Purpose and Core Values


Colegio Maya is the school where the whole community works together to foster individual talents.


Core Values

We hear every voice.
We have a beautiful school in a beautiful setting, and we want our learning and interactions to be beautiful too. Wherever you are from, we will make you feel at home. Everyone is special, no exceptions. We treat everyone equally, with kindness and compassion. We deal with everyone’s needs equally. We are a small close-knit community that depends on one another for encouragement and help. When things go well, we celebrate together. If things go wrong, we help to make them right together.
We work hard.
We expect a lot of each other. We have built a reputation for high standards forging value-driven citizens. We aim high and value excellence. We encourage each other to think big and work hard. Yet we understand we cannot do our best when we are over-stressed. So we make plenty of time for play time, because having fun together brings our community closer and everyone learns better when they feel like they belong.
We excel at being ourselves.
We champion critical thinkers, not just everyday learners. Every single one of us has a unique potential and distinctive traits that enrich those around us. We will reach you where you are and where you need us, building up your confidence and independence. We will help you discover your individual strengths and talents and share them with each other, as we accompany your educational journey allowing you to build new skills, to explore, to be creative, and to shine on your own. This is a safe haven to experiment in a spirit of teamwork and adventure.
What we say matters. What we do matters more.
We encourage everyone here to speak up, and for our words to matter we need to show each other that we mean what we say. We strive to live with honor, respect, integrity, kindness and cooperation and demonstrate it in everything we do. When we choose a project to work on, we give students ownership so they can bring their experiences and knowledge into the classroom. We take pride in our work, and we make it happen so everyone can see how good it is.
Elementary student using a drill