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Tracy Adrian's picture

Tracy Adrian

Secondary English Teacher
Andres Arango's picture

Andres Arango

Ana Lucia Arce's picture

Ana Lucia Arce

School Counselor
John Baskett's picture

John Baskett

Secondary Technology / Physics Teacher
Monica Bernhard's picture

Monica Bernhard

Spanish Teacher and Spanish Middle Level Leader
Kristine Bernhard de Arriola's picture

Kristine Bernhard de Arriola

Spanish/ESL Teacher
Waleska Bianchi's picture

Waleska Bianchi

Spanish Teacher
Travis Bluemling's picture

Travis Bluemling

Secondary Physical Education Teacher
Annabella Bond's picture

Annabella Bond

Spanish Teacher
Sarah Boyer's picture

Sarah Boyer

Early Childhood Teacher
Martin L Brodsky's picture

Martin L. Brodsky

Secondary Math Teacher
Aubry Burr's picture

Aubry Burr

Secondary Science Teacher - Science and Technology Middle Level Leader
Confrey Bush's picture

Confrey Bush

Elementary Art Teacher
Joshua Bush's picture

Joshua Bush

Secondary Physics Teacher
Jamie Day's picture

Jamie Day

Secondary PE & Health; Service Learning Coordinator; Tribes Trainer
Hannah Edgerton's picture

Hannah Edgerton

Secondary Art Teacher
Amy Eisenhard's picture

Amy Eisenhard

First Grade Teacher
Nikki Ellwood's picture

Nikki Ellwood

Director of Teaching and Learning - ES Inquiry Middle Level Leader
Diana Escobar's picture

Diana Escobar

Elementary Aid
Cristina Fernandez's picture

Cristina Fernandez

Secondary ESOL Teacher
Ken Fernandez's picture

Ken Fernandez

Elementary Principal
Jeff Fifield's picture

Jeff Fifield

EL Education - PE/Health Middle Level Leader
Marvin Franco's picture

Marvin Franco

Athletic Director
Jason Frantz's picture

Jason Frantz

Elementary Music Teacher
Joanna Guzman's picture

Joanna Guzman

Early Childhood Center - LE Literacy Middle Level Leader
Andrea Haeussler's picture

Andrea Haeussler

Drama Teacher - Tribes Trainer
Tita Haeussler's picture

Tita Haeussler

Elementary Technology Teacher
Eva-Marie Holland's picture

Eva-Marie Holland

Secondary Science Teacher
Krista James's picture

Krista James

Secondary LRC Teacher
Michelle Johnson's picture

Michelle Johnson

1st Grade Classroom Teacher
Jennifer Kayayan's picture

Jennifer Kayayan

School Business Manager
Margaret Kayayan's picture

Margaret Kayayan

College Counselor/AP Coordinator
Vilma León's picture

Vilma León

Technical Director
Graham Maclure's picture

Graham Maclure

Secondary Principal
Claudia Martinez de Obregon's picture

Claudia Martinez de Obregon

Elementary Librarian
Angie Mayorga's picture

Angie Mayorga

Spanish Teacher
Jacqueline Mejia's picture

Jacqueline Mejia

Stefanie Mejia's picture

Stefanie Mejia

Danielle Metzler's picture

Danielle Metzler

Fifth Grade Teacher - UE Literacy Middle Level Leader
Sherry Miller Ph.D.'s picture

Sherry Miller Ph.D.

School Director
Katia Kayayan de Morales's picture

Katia Kayayan de Morales

Secondary Social Studies/AP - Social Studies Middle Level Leader
Danielle Naimey's picture

Danielle Naimey

Secondary Math and Science - MS Coordinator
Michael Neights's picture

Michael Neights

Secondary Math Teacher
Chris Pamperin's picture

Chris Pamperin

Fifth Grade Teacher
Suzie Pamperin's picture

Suzie Pamperin

Second Grade Teacher
Karr Pittman's picture

Karr Pittman

Secondary Social Studies Teacher
Cindy Quan's picture

Cindy Quan

Ruth Anne Rasmusson's picture

Ruth Anne Rasmusson

4th Grade Teacher
Susie Ruiz's picture

Susie Ruiz

Elementary LRC Teacher
Dr. Regina Rumford's picture

Dr. Regina Rumford

Secondary English Teacher
Sarah Sadrkhanlou's picture

Sarah Sadrkhanlou

Elementary ESOL
Pablo Sanchez's picture

Pablo Sanchez

Elementary PE
Anabella Santella's picture

Anabella Santella

ASA Coordinator
Douglas Schmidt's picture

Douglas Schmidt

Secondary Music Teacher
Emily Sims's picture

Emily Sims

Third Grade Teacher
Courtnay Skipper's picture

Courtnay Skipper

Elementary 2nd Grade
Sasha Troch's picture

Sasha Troch

Grade 4 Teacher - UE Numeracy Middle Level Leader
Isabel Urrutia's picture

Isabel Urrutia

Spanish Teacher
Nicholas Van Dyk's picture

Nicholas Van Dyk

Middle School Teacher
Jacqueline Vassaux's picture

Jacqueline Vassaux

Spanish Teacher
Angelique Vives's picture

Angelique Vives

Secondary Librarian
Megan Zink's picture

Megan Zink

5th Grade Teacher