Consular Passes – Legalization of Documents

Dear Parents,

We would like to thank you for considering the Colegio Maya as an option for your child(ren)’s education. We are fully confident that you have chosen the best school in Guatemala because we not only offer the curriculum of the United States of America, but we also provide students with the official documents legalized by the Ministry of Education of Guatemala which certify your child(ren)’s studies in Guatemala. We are also a school under Ministerial Resolution accredited to provide English language levels of Early Childhood (Kindergarten), elementary (primaria), Middle School (educaci6n basica) and High School (diversificado), valid in our country and in any other country in the world.

To remain an institution authorized by Ministry of Education of Guatemala and to continue functioning as an international school in the country, we need to meet certain requirements related to the official report cards of the studies carried out abroad for our students.

Therefore, it is necessary that the paperwork that certifies such studies must be certified by an appropriate authority to perform this action. Here are the steps for validating studies abroad:

In the country where the studies were credited:

Step 1:
Authenticate the signatures appearing on the original recorded certificates of studies by the Ministry of Education of the country where the studies were credited.

  1. In the absence of an educational authority, the original recorded certificates must be authenticated by a notary public in the country where the studies were credited.

Step 2:
Authenticate the signatures of the Ministry of Education or notary public in the country where the studies were credited, with officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of that country, including the certification of birth (birth certificate or family registration).

Step 3:
Authenticate the signatures of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the notary public or State Senator of the country where the studies were credited, by the Consul of Guatemala in the country where the studies were credited.

In Guatemala:

Step 4:
Contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala, to authenticate the signing of the Guatemalan Consul (including certified Birth Certificate, Birth Certificate or Record of Family.)
Address in Guatemala: Avenida Reforma 4-47 Zone 10, Guatemala City.

Step 5:
When the documents are in another language than Spanish, they must be translated by a Sworn Translator necessarily authorized by the Ministry of Education of Guatemala. Absent a Sworn Translator licensed for a particular language, the document must be translated under oath, by two people who speak and write both languages, with notarization of their signatures, translating only essential information: a) student name, b) the name of the. institution where he/she studied, c) name of course, d) level of approval, and e) degree and year completed.

Special Cases:

  • For people using incomplete name or who skip any of the names that correspond to, or use names other than contained in its certification must submit Deed Testimony of Person Identification made by a Guatemalan notary and duly registered in the Registry Office.
  • If the student is under age, the parent exercising parental authority must carry out all the previous procedure. In the event that the student has a tutor or guardian, administrative management should be done through proxy signed and notarized.

Step 6:
All the documents duly certified by the Consular pass must be presented to Colegio Maya in two folders containing in the first one all the original documents (which will remain on file in Colegio Maya until the student is permanently withdrawn from the school or graduate); in the other folder you must submit a legible set of photocopies authenticated by a Guatemalan notary indicating his/her registration number, this is truly one for the entire record of studies, including certificates of studies certified in Guatemala, if any. These photocopies will be used for processing to the Ministry of Education of Guatemala-matching studies abroad.

Step 7:
Once you submit this paperwork to our school’s register, she will give you a form you must fill out. In this form the parent or guardian requests the comparison of studies abroad with the Ministry of Education. This last step will be done by our Technical Director on behalf of the applicant. By the end of the process, we will obtain the equation of studies abroad, which will allow your child to be officially enrolled at Colegio Maya. WE WON’T BE ABLE TO PROCESS YOUR PAPERWORK IF IT IS INCOMPLETE.

We would like to inform you that the students will be conditionally accepted until you complete the entire procedure described above, because as we have already mentioned, it is a legal requirement for the operation of our school in Guatemala and to continue having the validation of the Ministry of Education for the studies of your child(ren) in our country.

I appreciate your understanding and cooperation,

Steve Hupp                                                                               Licda.  Vilma León de Hernández
   Director                                                                                                          Directora Técnica


Consular Passes – Legalization of Documents – English version

Pases Consulares – Legalización de Documentos – Versión en Español




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