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The Parent, Teacher, and Student Association (PTSA) is a volunteer organization whose mission is to support and collaborate with Colegio Maya's goals while building a strong, unique, multicultural school community. 

The PTSA, a not-for-profit organization, looks to parents to provide that extra measure “of support to advance its mission”. The PTSA annually plans and coordinates the following events:

  • Fall Festival: Activities, free as well as some paid, are coordinated so families can enjoy this activity together and start the year on a "sweet" note.
  • International Potluck: Students bring dishes and treats from around the world to share with classmates and faculty.
  • The Winter Bazaar: Selected vendors and some members of our community (including students) bring amazing products to sell, which makes it a great opportunity to find special gifts and get into the spirit of the holidays. 
  • The Book Fair: Selected vendors sell a variety of books, which is a great way to promote reading across the school.
  • Family Fun Day: A "fun-tastic" day for the whole family where the community gets a chance to play Bingo, win some great prizes, and taste delicious food from a variety of food trucks. 
  • Friendship Fair: This is a fantastic event with food from a wide range of countries and games for all the family. Whether you want to ride the mechanical bull, try your luck at fair games, or munch on food from around the world, the Friendship Fair is the place to be!


Contacts us: 

If you have any ideas you would like to contribute, your initiative and energies are very much in need! Please contact us at 




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