Christmas Baskets

Dear Colegio Maya Parents, Students and Staff,

The National Honor Society continues to non-perishable food items and household supplies to fill the annual Christmas gift baskets for all the Colegio Maya maintenance staff.  Below is a reminder of the supplies assigned by grade level, but if you wish to contribute other goods, we will gladly accept them.  In addition if your company or a company you know of is willing to donate their products for the baskets, your efforts to facilitate such a donation would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your collaboration!


Katia L. Kayayan de Morales and the NHS Members

Grade Requested Donation

ECC – PK Cookies, chips and candy

ECC – K Cookies, chips and candy

1st –  Soup and powdered or boxed milk

2nd –  Soup and powdered or boxed milk

3rd –  Beans and instant coffee

4th –  Beans and instant coffee

5th –  Sugar and cereal

6th –  Oil and pasta

7th –  Oil and pasta

8th –  Cleaning items (soap, detergent, etc)

9th –  Cleaning items (soap, detergent, etc)

10th –  Rice and Incaparina

11th –  Sugar and cereal

12th –  Rice and Incaparina

Teachers, Admin & Secretaries Sugar and Incaparina

** Other wish list items: chocolate (for hot chocolate), margarine, dried fruit, cakes.  Please bring perishable goods on Wednesday, December 9th.