Support Services

Student support services are provided for any student who has specific learning, English language, and/or emotional needs that go beyond regular classroom supports. Services are provided for students with mild to moderate learning challenges, English language learners, and students with behavioral and/or social/emotional challenges. 

The student support services team provides a variety of supports, including...

  • Behavioral & Emotional Supports
  • Specialized Assessments & Progress Monitoring
  • Co-Teaching
  • Classroom Recommendations
  • Specialized Interventions
  • Professional Development
  • Communicating student needs to universities, the College Board, and coordinating with outside specialists

Services are provided through push-in and pull-out supports. Push-in supports involve co-teaching and co-planning in the students’ academic classrooms, along with working on specific goals within the natural setting. Pull-out services involve individualized assessments and interventions that cannot be completed in the general education classroom. 

The student support services team includes: 

  • Learning Support Specialists, Susie Ruiz (Elementary) and Aida Zea (Secondary)
  • ESOL Specialists, Sarah Sadrkhanlou (Elementary) and Cri Fernandez (Secondary)
  • and Counselors, Ana Lucia Arce (Social and Emotional) and Maggie Kayayan (College and Career)
School counselor doing an activity with a student.