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Support Services

The Colegio Maya Learning Support Center (LSC) supports students who have identified learning needs in terms of academic, linguistic or emotional aspects.  Learning, language, and counseling specialists collaborate with students, parents, and classroom teachers to develop individual student support plans using interventions and strategies ensuring full access to the school’s curriculum.  

Our Learning Support Center acknowledges the diversity of learning styles and academic levels found in every classroom.  Varied support is provided to meet the unique needs of individual students as they develop self-advocacy skills to become confident and independent learners.

Programs and services offered through the Learning Support Center

  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)   
  • Learning Support
  • Social Emotional Needs and Development


The Learning Center Specialists

  • School Counselor: Ana Lucia Arce
  • Secondary Learning Specialist: Krista James
  • Secondary Language Specialist: Cri Fernandez
  • Elementary Learning Specialist: Susie Ruiz
  • Elementary Language Specialist: Sarah Sadrkhanlou