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Colegio Maya’s secondary program provides rich educational opportunities in a supportive college preparatory environment. Small classes, individualized learning, and a truly international faculty and student population, make Maya a rich learning environment. The school is a member of the Common Ground Collaborative, which focuses on deep conceptual, competency and character-based learning experiences.

Middle School (6th- 8th Grade)

Middle school classes are aimed at providing students with authentic learning experiences through interdisciplinary units built around central concepts, competencies and character traits.  Learning experiences are designed to be relevant and engaging, drawing on local illustrative content from students’ own school, country, and cultural contexts. In order to build intrinsic motivation and to grow as learners, students are given autonomy and choice, where possible, in how they explore different concepts and in how they are assessed.

Learning is built around a culture of collaboration with teachers and peers as well as through working with and seeking feedback from experts from within the school and the wider community. The focus on rigor is defined by the quality rather than the quantity of work that students produce. Much of the learning is centered around projects that involve a culminating public demonstration of learning that has an authentic purpose and audience.




High School (9th- 12th Grade)

In High School students are given the opportunity to explore and delve deep into their learning in order to develop their interests and strengths. The program includes a wide choice of curricular offerings including a range of AP Courses and High School Electives that enable students to pursue their passion for learning. In addition, online courses through the Global Online Academy provide an opportunity for students to work within a global network of people and resources.  The students and teachers involved are participating from over 60 of the best independent schools throughout the world.

Both courses and co-curricular programs offer authentic learning experiences that challenge students to be reflective, creative and critical thinkers who can problem-solve to seek solutions and become change agents who can make a difference both within and beyond the school community. Infused throughout our program are opportunities for students to engage in meaningful and sustainable service learning opportunities designed to make them active participants in improving their communities.