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Early Childhood Center

Colegio Maya’s Early Childhood Center is a multi-year program. This 2-year opportunity is the most common entry point for local families and a nurturing beginning for any student at that level. Many students who enter at Pre- Kindergarten or Kindergarten as English learners, are ready to begin 1st grade with little or no English language support.

Hands-on Activities

Our teachers facilitate opportunities for hands-on active learning and exploration. They create specialized learning environments that allow the children to explore a new activity every day, whether that be with blocks or in the role-play corner. This exploration helps children to develop their fine and gross motor skills and improve social interaction. Children also engage in hands-on activities in math to explore mathematical relationships, to learn to expect and identify patterns, and to solve problems.

Broad Exposure

All projects are designed to enable students to become inquisitive, communicative and confident young learners. We develop our student’s confidence in communicating ideas to others through developmentally appropriate activities in speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Integrated Curriculum

Projects offer integration across relevant subject areas and our teachers work closely together to achieve this. The integration provides a common framework, making learning more meaningful and connected, learning is better understood and retained longer if children make connections. Children’s progress is regularly assessed and the results provide the basis for further instructional decisions.