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College Counseling

The college counseling program at Colegio Maya is designed to support students as they make the transition from high school to higher education. Today there is a great deal of uncertainty and confusion surrounding college admissions, particularly admissions to the most selective institutions. Our goal is to reduce that anxiety by providing students and parents with the information and support they need for a successful and positive college admissions process.

This process can, and should be, an exciting time of self-discovery and exploration. We encourage students to focus on finding the ‘right college match.’ For our students, that means identifying and applying to colleges and universities where they will be intellectually challenged and socially engaged; schools that will encourage and inspire them as learners, thinkers, and citizens.

Applying to college is a process of discovery, of pondering who you are and who you want to become, of contemplating what role you want to play in the larger world. The college search is, in essence, an extended research project, which will require students to look within themselves for many of the answers. Students will need to learn to identify and assess themselves, to set priorities, and to make major decisions. How a student navigates through this process is just as important as where he/she ends up. Along the way, students will develop and hone skills in organization, communication, and research. Students are encouraged to sign up for an appointment with the counselor and parents are welcome to call or email the guidance department to make an appointment at any time.

We are proud members of the International Association of College Admissions Counseling (IACAC). As such, we are committed to maintaining high standards of integrity and practice which foster ethical and social responsibility among students, parents, faculty, and university admissions to better serve students.


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