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We Hear Every Voice

Wherever you are from, we will make you feel at home.

We Work Hard

We have built a reputation for high standards forging value-driven citizens. We aim high and value excellence.

We Excel At Being Ourselves

Every single one of us has a unique potential and distinctive traits that enrich those around us.

What We Say Matters. What We Do Matters More.

We strive to live with honor, respect, integrity, kindness and cooperation and demonstrate it in everything we do.

Purpose & Core Values


Colegio Maya is the school where the whole community works together to foster individual talents.


We hear every voice. We work hard. We excel at being ourselves. What we say matters. What we do matters more.

Colegio Maya

Colegio Maya, The American International School of Guatemala was founded in 1958 and is a private, non-profit, non-sectarian, co-educational day school which offers an American International Curriculum, guided by US Educational Standards and Common Core. Colegio Maya offers an educational program from Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 for students of all nationalities.

Our Community

Danielle N. - Parent

Colegio Maya is like a second home to my children. They feel loved, included, and seen. It is wonderful to see how Maya fosters their individual strengths to make them the best they can be!

Guadalupe M. - Student

I like the PAFA because I like to do music. I love the community the school has, especially my classroom.

Nico F. - Student

I like that we have a playscape, and I love the soccer field because we can see the matches whenever our team plays.

Andrea H. - Teacher

At Colegio Maya, we are able to guide students to find their passions and discover new talents. I appreciate that we have the tools, equipment, resources, support, and facilities that make our job as teachers enjoyable and fulfilling.

Dani H. - Student

I love that at Colegio Maya I have the opportunity to engage in and participate in things that I'm passionate about, like theater and sports.

Roslyn H. - Student

I love the opportunity I have to get one-on-one support from my teachers. And I appreciate being able to explore my passions, such as debate and MUN.

What's Happening


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