What is Corro Por Voz?

Corro Por Voz is a race organized by the Colegio Maya NHS members to provide monetary support to Lavosi. If you buy a ticket to Corro Por Voz you can run a 10k or 5k while providing help to a good cause. There are prizes and medals provided for finishers of the race. Help us provide education and help to those in need!

LAVOSI improves the lives of Deaf children in Guatemala by providing high quality comprehensive education. LAVOSI provides an inclusive fully accessible school environment that promotes academic learning, social development, job readiness, dignity and acceptance as Deaf individuals through the use of Guatemalan Sign Language and understanding of Deaf Culture. We believe that language access and education are the keys to ending the cycle of Discrimination and poverty that too often negatively impact the Deaf Community. Empowering Deaf individuals has a significant impact on Guatemala’s Deaf Community. LAVOSI was founded and is led by a native Deaf Guatemalteco: Alvaro Ernesto De Leon Espinoza. Through hard work and determination he created a unique school that empowers Deaf children to face their future with a sense of hope and optimism.


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Paseo Cayala, Blvrd Austriaco,
Zona 16, Guatemala City

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